Trunk Bay Place of Refuge Bald Eagle Sunrise
Trunk Bay Located in the US Virgin Islands on the island of St. John, Trunk Bay is a picture perfect beach with turquiose water and white powder sand bordered by coconut palms and lush vegitaion.  It is also home to the USVI National Park's underwater snorkeling trail.  The trail begins just offshore following a series of underwater monuments and signs providing information about the coral reef. Nivo Slider
Place of Refuge Located next to Honaunau Bay on the Big Island of Hawaii, Place of Refuge is a historical landmark and window into Hawaiian culture.  This area was once a place of refuge for Hawaiian lawbreakers.  Sacred laws, known as Kapu, were very important to the Hawaiian culture and breaking a law often meant death.  The only chance lawbreakers had were to evade pursuers and make it to the place of refuge where they could perform a ritual to absolve themselves of their crimes.  They could then return to life in the community and all would be forgiven.  Today this coastline offers a look into ancient Hawaiian culture as well as some of the best snorkeling on the island. Nivo Slider
Bald Eagle The Bald Eagle is a bird of prey and is the only sea eagle endemic to North America.  With a diet consisting primarily of fish, Bald Eagles nest near large bodies of open water. Nivo Slider
Sunrise Sunrise over the lake at Miami Whitewater Forest. Nivo Slider